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Data sets are organized by the Study Site (Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil). Each data file has an associated metadata file and in some cases a species list.
\r\nData access procedure:
\r\n1) Data users are required to sign the data use agreement and send it to Robin Chazdon.
\r\n2) Data users make requests for specific data files. The owner of the data file is notified of a pending request.
\r\n3) The data owner receives the email notification, and is told to navigate to the requests page.
\r\n4) The owner chooses to accept or deny the request based on the reason given.
\r\n5) If denied, the person who requested data is notified. If accepted the person who made the request is notified and provided with a download URL.
\r\n6) The download URL is unique to the request and file. It will remain active for (currently) 72 hours.
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Mexico site data...
Data File Name Meta Data Species List
CHAJUL_2000-2002.txt [Request Download] METADATA_Chajul_2000-2002.doc

Costa Rica site data...

Brazil site data...
Data File Name Meta Data Species List

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